Egyptian Chemical Industries

SilicaEgypt Industries was founded in 1997 and is the company's factories,n the industrial area Burg Al-Arab in Alexandria and another factory in the industrial area Shebin Kom There is also a factory where the company's activity on the optimal exploitation of natural... Read more


Used as a Raw Material in Detergents, Pulp and Paper, Ceramic Industry and manufacturing of Titanium Di Oxide. In manufacturingof welding electrodes and fine chemicals such as Silica Gel and Precipitated Silica. It is also used for peroxide bleaching in textiles...
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Use of soluble silicates in the construction and decoration

referred to use potassium silicate sodium silicate for the production of bricks used for lining furnaces, working with potassium silicate acids on the production of free silica that are resistant to all acids...
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